www.biel-lo.com   Carrying on a 25-year old tradition of expert craftsmanship, Biel-lo produces fine quality knitted garments and accessories in the mountains of La Llacuna, Barcelona.  Based on an old-world mentality, we present a new era of fashion-forward items. Our collections are a reflection of our values, passed down through generations, items created with purpose, care, and distinction, aimed at men and women who understand that style and quality go hand in hand. Biel-lo constructs timeless pieces using small-scale production to provide you with our personal hallmark: each and every item has been made to delight and be cherished.  Our hand-finished garments are designed to ensure functionality and warmth year after year. Biel-lo is created by and for people with an ageless spirit, providing home-spun quality in every detail.   Stockists include : Dover Street Market Tokyo and NYC, Tomorrowland, American Rag Cie, Merci, My Boon, among others.         
  www.matsudaeywear.com   In 1967, Mitsuhiro Matsuda created Nicole Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, which quickly became one of the most influential fashion houses in the world. Known for his soft, yet structured, architectural sense of clothing, Matsuda was a fashion forerunner whose unique, naturalistic and earthy color sense influenced many other designers who followed him.     Matsuda has always had close ties to the arts. The collections have often been presented as performance and were even affiliated with dance or visual arts. The campaigns and photography are unique in that the eyewear and clothing are always presented in secondary status to the picture.  Matsuda clients are passionately loyal and the brands creations are profoundly progressive while remaining totally wearable.  One of Matsuda’s greatest successes was a unique eyewear collection that he first released in 1989. With his Japanese sensibility and futuristic aesthetic, Matsuda, probably more than any other designer, blazed his own path in eyewear and his creations are cult collector items for eyewear connoisseurs.  Known for the use of intricately engraved metals and the finest materials, Matsuda’s designs masterfully combine avant-garde and timeless style to appeal to an eclectic and traditional audience.  The Matsuda Eyewear brand is exclusively distributed in the top eywear retailers worldwide who are dedicated to delivering a luxury experience to clients and tastemakers alike.      MATSUDA STYLE - MADE IN JAPAN    Stockists include : Dover Street Market Ginza, NYC and London; L’Eclaireur, Barneys New York, Totokaelo, Santa Eulalia, among others.   
  www.retromarine.nyc   RETROMARINE is a men’s luxury travel lifestyle brand focused on luxury swimwear for men and kids.   "Gentlemen by nature, rebellious by choice"    Retro details    Our details come in the form of our signature engraved anchor, rear snap, two engraved eyelets to keep everything airy and comfortable, and drawstring caps. There are even two small holes on the bottom of the pocket that lets excess water out of the trunks, perfect for diving off the boat again and again. Every detail decision is made in Brooklyn with the utmost consideration for style-- our hardware is both subtle and supple. Our drawstring caps are all manually placed, as there is no automatic installation at retromarine.  We use 100% Zamac with a custom antique copper finish, because its the only metal that can handle the sun for long hours without getting warm. It actually turns cooler with time and wear, which also nicely sums up our life philosophy.     Retro prints    Our unique prints and vibrant colors are inspired by icons of the Golden Era. We love the rebellious character, confidence, masculinity and style of icons like Steve Mcqueen, Sean Connery, Julio Iglesias and Alain Delon.  We use 100% “peach skin” stonewashed breathable synthetic fibers for our prints, which go through multiple water baths giving you a comfortable trunk that feels like a second skin.    Retro fabrics    Quality is everything. Our unique designs are made from the highest caliber materials, and the fibers are embedded with SPF 50 filters that work to protect your skin and the prints from washing off. We use a “double dipping” process to ensure the optimum water repellency.   Our fabrics are treated with a special silicon, and after construction they are treated again with teflon. These steps give our trunks a super quick dry, even on the inner lining. The soft peach skin fabric is hypoallergenic and anti-rash, and all our trunks are bias cut by our tailors who construct them by hand with a zeal for clean, elegant lines.       Stockists include : Matches Fashion, Lodenfrey, DeBijenkorf, Santa Eulalia, Neiman Marcus, United Arrows, among others.      
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  www.vuarnet.com   "The best mineral sunglasses since 1957, handmade in France”.    A UNIQUE STORY     1957    Roger Pouilloux, an avant-garde optician & ski enthusiast, invents the revolutionnary Skilynx lenses. Jean Vuarnet wins the Winter Olympics gold medal wearing the Skilynx lenses. Following this victory the two men decide to team up.    THE 60’s    02 MODEL, THE TIMELESS ICON: Reference for elegance on the ski slopes Quickly adopted as a fashion item in the city. Mick Jagger, ...  06 MODEL, THE FRENCH GLAMOUR: The model gets a legendary status, protecting Alain Delon’s eyes from the luminous Romy Schneider in the cult movie La Piscine (1969)     THE 70’s    GLACIER MODEL, FUNCTION & PERFORMANCE: Designed for mountaineering ... but also worn on stage: Miles Davis.  03 MODEL, THE CALIFORNIAN SPIRIT: Later made famous by Jeff Bridges -alias the Dude- in The Big Lebowski from the Coen brothers’ (1998)     THE 80’s    THE AMERICAN DREAM: VUARNET makes its grand debut in the US as the official sponsor of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The speaker of the weather forecast creates « It’s a Vuarnet day today » for saying a sunny day.    THE 80’s and 90’s    From sunglasses brand to a global brand.     TODAY    New faces: James Gyllenhaal in Everest, Daniel Craig in James Bond, Vincent Cassel as brand ambassador...  New collaborations: Rag&Bone, Eastpack...  New styles: Edge, Cable Car...   Stockists include : Colette, Printemps, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Noah, among others.